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  • The Reykjavík Grapevine reviews Önnur Mósebók

    Woozy, funky, skilled romp through forty years of psychedelia, funk and soul.


    There's a loose-limbed, off-kilter woozy magic about Moses Hightower that is matched only by the spacey arrangements and awesome production of an album which veers, grooves, sidles and struts in equal measure. Opener “Stutt skref” leans and lives much in the vein of Super Furry Animals, whilst the wonderful Rhodes-y atmosphere of “Tíu dropar” is psychedelic, lush and languid.

    This is superior stuff all round. Moses Hightower is an act full of musical talent as the near acid-jazz “Inn um gluggann” shows. The syncopated drumbeat works beautifully off a keyboard loop and throaty pads to frame the sotto-voce vocal which in turn gives way to sweeping, snaking woodwind. There's a hint of Bill Withers vs Prince here, too, particularly in “Góður í,” which is simply a funky treasure.

    Everything about this smooth, sparkly album sings of a special set of ideas delivered by a gifted bunch of musicians. Go find them, and go fall in love.

    - Joe Shooman